LETTER: Hamden needs a change in leadership

To the Editor:
Hamden has one of the highest tax rates for towns in Connecticut. Under Democratic leadership at Town Hall, the mill rate is now higher than New Haven!
This has had a major impact on Hamden homeowners. Property values are down significantly.
The high mill rate is driving long-time homeowners out of Hamden. There are roughly 700 homes for sale in Hamden with over 300 in foreclosure!
Too many homeowners have to walk away from their homes after they can’t sell them at a reasonable price. The banks then sell the homes at rock bottom prices, which adds to the declining property values.
To make matters worse, these homes, especially in northern Hamden, are purchased by private parties who rent them out to Quinnipiac students. Have you driven down the north end of Shepard Ave lately?
From 800 to 1690 Shepard, there are eight student rental homes and four vacant homes which can easily be converted to more student rentals.
It is sickening to see what has happened to the beautiful country setting of northwest Hamden.
This trend will continue unless the mayor and the Democratic-controlled council do something to reduce costs to lower the mill rate.
Curt Leng served many years on the Legislative Council, as chief administrator to former Mayor Jackson and now as mayor. He has played a key role in driving the mill rate up to the high level it is today.
Hamden residents can’t afford the leadership of Curt Leng any longer. Time to vote him out in the upcoming election.

Mike Carbray 

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