LETTER: North Haven state rep endorses Hamden Republican for mayor

Hamden Republican mayoral candidate Salman Hamid.

To the Editor:

Hamden’s Republican mayoral candidate Salman Hamid’s story is so reminiscent of the millions of immigrants coming to the United States in pursuit of the American dream.

From humble beginnings, he has risen to the top of the Republican ticket. His love of his community, keen administrative skills and his commitment to the betterment of Hamden, makes him the ideal candidate to run against a deeply entrenched politician. He can reach across party lines and heal the divisiveness that has become so prevalent in American politics today.

It is for this reason that I can lend my support for a man who has overcome many obstacles and to get where he is today.  Hamden’s residents will greatly benefit by having this man as the next mayor.

State Rep. David Yaccarino
R-North Haven

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