LETTER: New police tip app “smart”

To the Editor:

I am very excited to see that the Hamden Police Department will soon launch a new app for Hamden residents called TIP-411. This app will allow citizens to anonymously report crimes directly to the police, while also opening a mobile channel for residents to receive important emergency information and updates directly to their handheld devices. Now that’s smart.

I think this is a great effort by Mayor Curt Balzano Leng, as well as Hamden PD, to help make our community safer. Who has heard of the phrase “if you see something, say something?” Well, this app helps citizens do that in a more effective way than ever before. Sometimes, folks can be hesitant to report a crime for a number of reasons. By having the option to report anonymously, I think more residents will feel comfortable confiding in our Police and will be more inclined to really help make our neighborhoods safer. This really is a tool that can help every neighbor do their part in keeping our families and friends safe.

However, as I mentioned, the app serves as a crucial informative tool as well. It will now allow officers to inform residents by giving them notifications as emergency scenarios are unfolding – again, right to a resident’s mobile device. It’s convenient, effective, and easy to understand – exactly what residents need in emergency situations.

It’s clear to me that Mayor Leng and the Hamden Police have our residents’ best interests in mind. TIP-411 has the potential to provide a voice to all residents, and to seriously improve the safety of our neighborhoods. Mayor Leng and Chief Wydra have already taken the lead adopting new bicycle patrols and walking beats around Town – and this is just one more solid example of Hamden’s leaders taking charge and implementing applications and programs which will HELP our Town.

Great job Hamden Police, and keep it up Mayor Leng!

Mark Boulas

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