LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Leng has town’s best interests at heart

To the Editor:

One of the qualities that I look for in a candidate for mayor is their passion for the town they seek to represent, and in this case, Hamden. I have no doubt that Mayor Curt Balzano Leng has this quality because he truly cares about our community and the people he represents.

As a long time Hamden resident and a leader of a local youth organization, I have seen first-hand how Mayor Leng makes himself available for Hamden residents. He goes out of his way — day in and day out — to be there for the people of his community. He is easily approachable, kind-hearted and he really does LISTEN to the people’s concerns, even if it’s different from his point of view. Mayor Leng works to find a common ground that will make Hamden better for everyone involved – and that is something outstanding.

I find Mayor Leng’s most common connection with residents occurs on social media. In today’s high-tech world, Mayor Leng is extremely active on the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You will see from his profiles, how he promotes all of the events that are going on in the town, in addition to using social media as a tool to inform citizens what’s going on in the Hamden community. And, he’s also extremely responsive to those who message him, which is a quality not so often found amongst your typical officials.

Furthermore, Mayor Leng puts in the work to ensure he has “face time” with the community. Whenever there’s a town event or a public forum, you can bet that Mayor Leng will be there. He organizes a number of “Mayor’s Night Out” events per year, which serve as a way for the Mayor himself to get out in Hamden’s communities and listen to the concerns of residents of all neighborhoods. It was at one of these event that I got to know Mayor Leng. These events have no typical setting for a Mayor’s Night Out — it can be held at casual venues, such as your neighborhood diner, or at the Miller Library. These events are a great way for residents to voice their real opinions and concerns, in a calm, productive environment that really does help solve local problems.

Since becoming mayor in 2015, Mayor Leng has also made sure that residents are able to stay informed about all that is happening in their local government. He has a couple of ways of doing so. The first is by writing columns in local publications such as the Hamden Journal, Patch, and Advisor. He also began writing a monthly newsletter, available to residents both on the town website and in town hall. These new outlets provide real insight to Hamden residents, to those of us who are wondering about an event that’s going on, or if Hamden received a grant from the state, or updates on existing or new programs in town.

Mayor Leng has made a sincere effort at increasing the transparency of our local government, and that is incredibly important. We all enjoy knowing what’s happening in our home town, and Mayor Leng has made that easier than ever before.

Mayor Leng’s transparency and engagement with the residents of Hamden are entirely representative of his idea of what being Mayor of Hamden is all about. Mayor Leng always makes a sincere effort to listen and respond to the needs of his constituents, and to act on those needs and get the job done. His pro-active engagement with residents prompted me to get involved and take a stake in my community, and that’s why I wrote this letter.

Mayor Leng is a man who I know has my own, my family’s, and my town’s best interests in mind at all times. I have never seen another Mayor like him since I was a child living in New Haven with Mayor Biagio DiLieto.

I am proud to support Mayor Leng in the upcoming November election!

Cindy Cardo

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