LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hamden’s Ballparks – why hasn’t anyone done this before?

To the Editor:

I read the other day an article where Salman Hamid the Republican candidate for mayor. By purchasing a brick in the wall honoring their pet, they were also providing for the maintenance and upkeep of the facility. Everyone benefitted, the pet owners, sheltered animals, and the taxpayers. I ran into Mr. Hamid while he was campaigning and told him that I thought the proposal was a good one.

He then told me about another one of his ideas where he would ask local landscaping companies to adopt a ballfield. He would then allow the landscapers to advertise the fact that they would be caring for the ballfield for the season. He would publish guidelines that would be used for judging the parks in a contest for originality, beauty and quality of care. At the end of the season, he would provide an award and publicity for the best ballpark. He indicated that the ballplayers would benefit from the beautification effort and condition of the fields, the taxpayers would benefit at no cost to them and the landscapers would benefit from free advertising and promotion providing as well as an opportunity to showcase their work.

I said, this is too good to be true, wouldn’t the unions object? He suggested that there is already an existing partnership between town residents who volunteer their time on the Clean and Green commission and the unions who would normally clean up after an event such as the summer concert series. He would fashion a similar agreement related to the ballpark scenario.

I thought to myself, this guy has some great ideas, maybe it is time for a change. He has my vote!

EJ Neri

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