LETTER: Republican mayoral candidate offers innovative idea for a new Hamden animal shelter

To the Editor:
Every pet owner will someday have to face the death of their beloved pets.  The pain and grief of this event is often overwhelming bringing with it profound sadness and loneliness. I along with many of my friends occasionally reminisce with my friends about our beloved long ago deceased animals.  This discussion brings both joy and sadness when recalling a life of a pet that has brought so much love into the household.
While it is true that I have pictures of my beloved friends (pets) scattered throughout my house, I had wished I could do more in recognizing and persevering the memory of my pets.
I was completely taken by surprise one day when I was speaking to Salman Hamid about my daughters new puppy, and he told me of his plan to make the construction of a new animal shelter in Hamden one of his top priorities as mayor of Hamden. How many time has this been promised, but nothing  was done about it.
Not only is Mr. Hamid committed to building a new shelter, he also offered a unique idea to both current and previous pet owners.  He said he would design a memorial wall within the shelter where residents can purchase a brick memorializing their pet. I
thought it was a wonderful idea not only for the sentiment it expressed for those individuals who are grieving for their deceased pets, but it offered funds for the maintenance, care and upkeep of the facility now and in the future.  This idea is way overdue.
Raeanne Curtis

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