LETTER: Hamden businesswoman endorses Vega

To the Editor:
I have been a resident on Grandview Ave. in Hamden for over 20 years.  My children all attended Church Street School, the Hamden Middle School and finally Hamden High School.  Three years ago, I became a small business owner in the Hamden Plains area.  Being a small business owner and meeting the local people has really had an impact on me and my family.
Very soon after opening our cookie store in Dixwell Ave., Chris Vega stopped in to introduce himself.  Getting to know this dedicated servant/leader has been an absolute pleasure.  He truly wanted to know our story and all about how and why we started our business.  I have watched him become more involved in the area over the last few years.  We have had the privilege to host neighborhood gatherings and meet & greets in our little store lead by Chris.
From my view as a member of the neighborhood and mostly a small business owner, Chris Vega is the kind of leader we need.  He cares about each person, he understands the power of small business and being community minded.  He has made every effort to promote and utilize our business for the good of the neighborhood.
When we care and when we are involved, that is when change happens.  We hear all the time “they should do something.” Well, Chris Vega has been doing something quietly behind the scenes for many years.  As a firefighter and man of faith, this is the kind of leader we need.
I am so excited to see where we will grow, the changes that will enhance the lives of all our residents and the unification of small business across the town to serve our communities will bring us.
Thanks Chris for all that you are doing!!!
Marni Rae-Esposito
Grandview Avenue Resident and
CEO (Chief Excitement Officer), Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies

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