Hamden Fire Department takes delivery of new pumper

From the Hamden Fire Department:
The Hamden Fire Department has taken delivery of its latest piece of apparatus, a 2016 Smeal quintuple combination pumper or quint.
The apparatus will serve as a dual purpose engine pumper and a 75 ft. ladder truck. The nick-name “Quint” (derived from quintuple) refers to a vehicle with five functions that provides a pump, water tank, fire hose, aerial device, and ground ladders capabilities.
The Quint will respond from our Mt. Carmel Fire Station 5, located at 2993 Whitney Ave. The Fire Department’s 100 ft. tower truck responds from Fire Station 3, 441 Hartford Turnpike. By stationing the new Quint at Station 5, the Hamden Fire Department is able to initiate aerial operations more quickly in the northern sections of Hamden due to reduced response times for an aerial capable apparatus.
The Quint also improves the departmental standards of cover by adding valuable emergency resources for consideration during risk assessment and analysis of emergency coverage requirements.
The 2016 Smeal operates with the agility of a traditional fire pumper and is consequently more versatile than our larger aerial truck.
We thank Mayor Curt Leng and our Legislative Council members for understanding the need for this apparatus by including it in the town’s Capital Project Plan.
 “On behalf of the Hamden Fire Department and our residents, I am very pleased to announce the delivery of this new apparatus,” Leng said. “Hamden’s first responders utilize the most effective equipment available today, and our crews comprise some of the best emergency personnel in the state. This new apparatus will further enable our team to effectively combat and mitigate emergency situations, thereby enhancing the safety of our residents.”

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