Hamden DECA students shine in Anaheim

HAMDEN – Members of Hamden High School’s DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) chapter competed in the annual International Career Development Conference in Anaheim this past April.
DECA prepares high school and college students for careers in the fields of marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. Of the 31 HHS students who participated in Anaheim, 28 of them finished in the top 20 percent. More than 19,000 high school students from around the world competed in about 50 events that showcased their projects.
“Once again, Hamden’s DECA chapter continues to impress,” said Mayor Curt Balzano Leng. “I am always thrilled to learn of DECA’s achievements, and I am confident that this very special group of students will continue to exceed expectations and make Hamden proud.
“I offer my sincere congratulations and thanks to all of Hamden’s DECA students for their fantastic efforts and achievements, and I look forward to Hamden DECA’s continued success in the years to come,” Leng said.
Over the years, the Hamden DECA chapter has been successful, with 367 students winning at the state level. Internationally, Hamden DECA has had 22 Top 16 Finalists, 13 Top 10 Finalists, 1 Third Place Finalist, and 2 First Place finalists.
“Hamden DECA has had great success in training students for future careers” said Hamden Director Economic Development and Neighborhood Revitalization Dale Kroop. “The economic success of the town is dependent on our ability to retain young talent, and the local DECA chapter has gone a long way in helping us in that regard.”
For information regarding the DECA program, visit https://www.deca.org/ 
For more information about Hamden’s DECA, contact Bryan Anderson at banderson@hamden.org.

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